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Working With Me

Finding help for yourself or your loved one can feel overwhelming. You may have a generalized feeling that something is not quite right or be experiencing specific emotional and physiological symptoms. People from a wide array of backgrounds experience a variety of challenges relating to their mental health.


At times, our suffering may be caused by our circumstances combined with coping skills that are no longer working for us. It often takes at least two minds to help to work out our blind spots and this is where therapy offers something uniquely useful: the clarity to understand our

feelings, thoughts, and behaviours and to make meaningful, lasting change.

I also offer consultation to psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists wanting to increase their understanding of combining a psychodynamic framework with other modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioural Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance Based Therapies. 


A first step can be to assess whether we would be a good 'fit' for each other.  The quality of the therapeutic relationship itself is the single most important factor in determining how effective therapy will be.  


Individual Psychotherapy

I work collaboratively with teens and adults in Ontario and California.  My approach is integrated and focuses on short and long term emotional health

Couples Therapy

I work with a variety of couples on better understanding themselves and each other in intimate relationships, and developing more adaptable ways of relating to each other. 


Social/Emotional Assessments

I work with individuals and clinicians for a brief assessment to provide a clinical diagnostic picture to enhance self awareness and to further therapeutic work.


Consultation / Supervision

I consult with other mental health clinicians on bringing a psychodynamic and relational lens to their existing therapeutic skills.

My Approach

My approach is collaborative and focuses on insight and understanding of how you arrived at this point in your life. We will be working on what is acutely troubling you including symptoms of depression and anxiety and we can move beyond symptom management: by understanding past experiences, as they relate to your life in the present. A pattern is, something that repeats itself, we will work together to dismantle patterns that no longer serve you. What you will not find, in your work with me, is a one-sized fits all manualized approach, that is increasingly becoming the norm in therapeutic treatment. We will develop your capacity to manage difficult emotions but also for you to have access to a full range of feelings, including more 'positive' ones.

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