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Therapy for Individuals

Rewrite your unfolding story.

Do you need to break free from the burdens of unresolved struggles?


Reveal hidden truths, navigate change, and liberate yourself from the weight of past traumas through Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Our integrated therapeutic approach is particularly well suited to address interpersonal challenges, problems of identity and awareness, unresolved trauma, repetitive patterns, existential concerns, life transitions, as well as issues of self-esteem and confidence.

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This is therapy for lasting change.

At the heart of our therapy philosophy is you. We don't use a cookie-cutter approach. We help you build more adaptive coping mechanisms through a collaborative process.

Your active involvement in this process empowers you with choices, ensuring that the changes you experience are sustainable. We believe in creating an environment where you can better understand yourself. We have found that when people understand themselves better, they have more agency and a sense of control over their lives.

What’s Included for Individual Therapy:


Therapy appointments are based on a 45 to 50-minute hour. They generally occur weekly but can happen more frequently or, in rare cases, less. It is our strong recommendation that sessions happen at a regular time frequency weekly for best results.


Costs vary depending on the clinician’s level of training and experience. Dr. Ferguson’s fees are $250/hour for individual therapy and $275/hour for couples therapy.

RP and RP(Q)* fees vary from $180-$210/hour for individuals and $200-$220/hour for couples.

*An RP(Q), or Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), has completed their Master’s program in a relevant field but is in a phase of qualifying, so a fully registered therapist supervises them.

We’ll look at your motivations, unravel recurring patterns, and develop personalized, adaptive coping mechanisms that work best for you.

Couples Therapy in Toronto

Couples Therapy

Insightful couples psychotherapy to tackle new or long-standing difficulties.

Are you and your significant other having the same fight over and over? Are you avoiding difficult conversations and each other?


It’s time to break the cycle. Couples therapy offers a dedicated space to explore relationship patterns and foster deeper connection and lasting intimacy. Research and clinical studies consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of couples therapy in improving relationship satisfaction and overall well-being.


Couples therapy offers the opportunity to work through challenges and strengthen your relationship, ultimately saving on the emotional and financial toll that divorce, acrimonious separations or a long-term unhappy relationship can entail.

Couples Therapy

Your journey in couples therapy...

Couples therapy is about working on your relationship, which may mean staying together or deciding to separate in a more amicable and peaceful way.

Those seeking couples therapy will gain insights into understanding themselves and their partner more deeply. Together, we'll explore how to disrupt unproductive patterns, empowering you to initiate positive changes rather than waiting for your partner to do so.

couples therapy by dr.maura fergusion & associates
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In this therapeutic process, each person will better understand their role in intimate/romantic relationship dynamics and other close connections, such as family, friends, and colleagues. The focus is on your personal growth within the context of your relationships that changes how you each show up .

What’s Included for Couples Therapy:

Most appointments are for a 45-50 minute ‘hour’ every week. In some cases, they may occur more frequently. In some cases, the length of sessions may be 1.5x.

The cost for a couples therapy session with Dr. Maura Ferguson is $275/hour, and with Lisa Thomasos, it is $210/hour.

Understand how you show up in your relationships.

Supervision & Consultation

Overcome therapeutic challenges and impasses.

Are you struggling with therapeutic complexities? Consultation can help guide you through the maze of transference and countertransference dynamics. Gain clarity and enhance your therapeutic effectiveness as you understand and navigate the nuanced relational pieces in your therapeutic work.

If you feel you’re missing something in your therapeutic approach or want to expand your ability to conceptualize and formulate your work, supervision or consultation that includes an integrated approach can be supportive and enlightening.

Research shows that psychodynamic therapy, which many clinicians including Jonathan Shedler, Nancy McWilliams, Otto Kernberg and Peter Fonagy champion, has lasting effects. Shedler's 2010 meta-analysis, "The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy," shows that it goes beyond treatment, leading to sustained, long-term improvements in personality functioning and overall well-being. This highlights the potential for meaningful and lasting changes in people.

dr.maura fergusion & associates supervision and consultation
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Personalized support to enhance your mental health practice

Explore consultation and supervision services crafted to meet your needs in the mental health field.

We provide mentoring and guidance, offering direction on advancing your practice. This service is accessible to all mental health professionals, spanning social workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, not exclusively to fully licensed professionals. 


We also extend our consultation to individuals and couples navigating difficulties with parenting, including infant-parent attachment.. Your journey to growth and support starts here.

What’s Included for Consultation & Supervision:

Consultations can happen briefly (30 minutes) on average, are generally an hour. Some people elect to consult on a regular basis while adding an additional competence, such as adult or couples work, and some clinicians consult on an as-needed basis.

Dr. Ferguson is the clinician who performs consultations at her rate of $250 per session.

Mental health struggles means missed personal, educational and professional opportunities for connection and growth, but we can help.


"Dr. Ferguson is an expert clinician who is both artful and warm. I'd highly recommend working with her."

~ Evan Sola, Psychologist, PsyD

How It Works

Therapy is a voluntary process, and although we encourage people to work through some kinds of discomfort, it is always up to their discretion whether or not to continue.

Get in touch through the button below, and we'll reach out to schedule a short call. During this call, we'll gather some information and answer any questions you may have. After that, we'll connect you with a therapist. They'll have 3-4 sessions with you to understand your needs and history. If you decide to continue, you'll work together until it's time to conclude your treatment.

Ready to get started?

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