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How Does Therapy Work?

Therapy is not about 'fixing' you, but rather empowering you to discover your own strengths and resilience. Together, we'll work towards positive growth and lasting change.

We believe in a collaborative approach to therapy, where you are an active participant in your healing journey. Your input and feedback are valued and respected.

We're committed to providing accessible therapy services. Whether in-person or online, we strive to make therapy convenient and comfortable for you.

How does therapy work? Counselling in Toronto

Our Process & Approach To Therapy

We will start by talking about what is making you want to start therapy; we will take a thorough history of what you are experiencing and your life’s ups and downs. We will come up with a plan based on your goals, and your resources including time and finances.

Some people work in a brief course of therapy and others prefer or opt for a longer course of therapy. We will meet regularly and discuss when it is time to stop or pause our work together. I discourage abrupt endings to therapy that can be counter-therapeutic but support you in your decisions about a therapy that ultimately belongs to you.

We work collaboratively and from a non-judgmental stance. I’ve worked with so many people from a lot of different backgrounds including people struggling with serious mental illnesses, struggling with substance dependence. I know that people are often ashamed, and that shame keeps them from seeking help, leaving them feeling stuck and isolated. 

I have expertise on psychology, emotions, the mind and you have expertise on your life and your own feelings. Together we put our heads together to figure out what is troubling you and how to make it better.

I work from a few different theories and techniques. Many of the people I have worked with have found treatments like CBT and EFT to be helpful but limited and find themselves wanting more.

Many people I work with have never been in therapy before and naturally feel hesitant about starting the process. They consistently feel relieved once they have taken the first step to make a call, have a phone consult or a first session.

We offer a free initial consultation to help you determine if therapy is right for you. It's an opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if we're a good fit.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free call and then you can decide if therapy feels right for you at this time.

Taking care of your mental health is a courageous and important step towards overall well-being. We're here to support you on your journey to a happier, healthier life.



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